RSC Board Meeting - 7:30pm Community Center
RSC Board Meeting - 7:30pm Community Center
RSC Board Meeting - 7:30pm Community Center
RSC Board Meeting - 7:30pm Community Center
RSC Board Meeting - 7:30pm Community Center
RSC Board Meeting - 7:30pm Community Center

RSC Uniform Open House
2016-17 Uniforms

As we get ready for the upcoming season, we want to remind all players that the 2016-17 season is the start of a new two year uniform cycle.  All 2016-17 players, both new and returning, must purchase a uniform for the upcoming fall soccer season.  Once again, Ewing Sports will be providing our club with Adidas uniforms.  We will have a sizing event from 4-8:00pm on Tuesday, June 28th at the Heistein Pavilion for players to try on sizes.  All ordering will be done online and the online portal is expected to open approximately one week after the open house.  Stay tuned for more details over the next few weeks.  Tom Lanigan, our Ewing representative, and his staff will be on hand the day of the open house  to answer any questions.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact amysussis@gmail.com for further information. 


All scores are now posted.   We hope to see you again next year!!


Randolph Soccer Club Tryouts For 2002-2009 Teams Have Concluded

Thanks to all those 2002 - 2010 players who participated in Randolph Soccer Club’s tryouts for 2016-17 teams.

A special thank you goes out also to all of the current RSC parents who helped out with check-in!

Randolph Soccer Club intends to begin forming 2016-17 birth year 2002-2009 teams in early June.  Players receiving an offer for a spot on a team will be contacted by a club representative.

Please note that, for 2001-1998 players, there will be an opportunity in the future to try out for high school aged travel soccer teams that would play a spring 2017 only season (sometimes a team opts to train in the late fall once the high school season is done, along with attending a late November tournament).  Typically, on the boys side, there are two tryouts held in the fall with teams formed based on those who attend the tryout.  On the girls side, there will be two tryouts in late May/early June, with teams formed accordingly.  Details for these tryouts will be posted to RSC's website once set.  

US Soccer's Player Development Initiative
April 2016 Update

In an effort to address questions coming out of US Soccer's August announcement about changes coming for soccer in the United States, Randolph Soccer Club leadership has posted the following information.

Some context:

US Soccer is the governing body for soccer as a sport in the United States.  As such, US Soccer has the ability to sanction youth soccer entities in the US.  United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) is one such entity that oversees USYSA affiliated leagues and competitions throughout the country.  USYSA is organized with the country broken down into regions and the various regions broken down into state entities, such as NJ Youth Soccer Association (NJYSA).  Each of the state entities is who actually sanctions and oversees the various USYSA affiliated leagues/competitions in the US.  MCYSA (Morris County Youth Soccer Association) is the USYSA/NJYSA sanctioned league within which the majority of Randolph Soccer Club's teams play.  When US Soccer issues a mandate, USYSA adopts it, notifying the rest of the state organizations who in turn discuss and develop an implementation plan for adoption in their respective geography for leagues/competitions, which eventually trickles down to the individual club level.


US Soccer Player Safety Campaign Update
Concussion Initiative

US Soccer announced a player safety campaign that included a Concussion Initiative late in 2015 coming out of concerns about concussions in soccer.  The details of US Soccer's Concussion Guidelines were made public in early 2016.  The various entities sanctioned by US Soccer have been working on their respective implementation plans since that time.  Randolph Soccer Club has already incorporated US Soccer's guidelines into the club's Player Development Guidelines, which provide the basis for the seasonal Academy and team training plans.


Randolph Storm - U14G NJYSA President's Cup Finalist!

Congratulations to the Randolph Storm on being the 2015 U14G NJYSA President's Cup Finalist!

Randolph Raiders - U13B MCYSA League Cup Champion!

Congratulations to the Randolph Raiders on being the 2015 U13B MCYSA League Cup Champion!



Randolph Raptors - U12B MCYSA League Cup Finalist!
Fall 2015 MCYSA Flight 3 Winner, also!

Congratulations to the Randolph Raptors on being the 2015 U12B MCYSA League Cup Finalist!  Kudos for winning MCYSA U12B Flight 3 this fall, too!


Randolph Rockets - JAGS U12G - Elite NJYS 11v11 Flight Champion!

Congratulations to the Randolph Rockets for winning their JAGS flight this fall!

Randolph Bulldogs - MCYSA U14B Flight 2 Champion!

Congratulations to the Randolph Bulldogs on winning MCYSA U14B Flight 2 this fall with a 9-0-1 record!

Randolph Galaxy - MCYSA U13B Flight 8 Champion!

Congratulations to the Randolph Galaxy for winning MCYSA 13B Flight 8 this fall with a 10-0 record!

Randolph Panthers - MCYSA U11B Flight 6 Champion!

Congratulations to the Randolph Panthers for winning MCYSA U11B Flight 6 this fall with an 8-0-2 record!

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