Randolph Soccer Club Tryouts For 2002-2009 Teams Have Concluded

Thanks to all those 2002 - 2010 players who participated in Randolph Soccer Club’s tryouts for 2016-17 teams.

A special thank you goes out also to all of the current RSC parents who helped out with check-in!

Randolph Soccer Club intends to begin forming 2016-17 birth year 2002-2009 teams in early June.  Players receiving an offer for a spot on a team will be contacted by a club representative.

Please note that, for 2001-1998 players, there will be an opportunity in the future to try out for high school aged travel soccer teams that would play a spring 2017 only season (sometimes a team opts to train in the late fall once the high school season is done, along with attending a late November tournament).  Typically, on the boys side, there are two tryouts held in the fall with teams formed based on those who attend the tryout.  On the girls side, there will be two tryouts in late May/early June, with teams formed accordingly.  Details for these tryouts will be posted to RSC's website once set.