Boys Booster Club

2006 Randolph High School Soccer Boys Booster Club

Executive Board


Boys Soccer






Bob Dobbins

(973) 366-7442


Vice President

Anne Brigando

(973) 895-9617



Vice President

Bobbie Stenvall 

(973) 361-7138




Karen Molloy

(973) 895-5027




Donna Bold

(973) 895-7765



Web Master/PC Consultant

Sue Torney

(973) 328-6692



Freshman Coordinator

Chitrali Chaundhuri

(973) 366-6378




JoAnne Diamantidis

(973) 989-0230




Nancy Maynard

(973) 895-1299




Club Objectives:

To promote enthusiastic support for the RHS Soccer teams, game attendance and publicity.

To raise funds for team needs and annual scholarships.

To hold an annual end-of season banquet for the players, their coaches, families and well-wishers.

To actively support RHS soccer projects of mutual interest to both girls and boys soccer teams.