Soccer Coaches

                                             Boys                                                           Girls
Varsity Head Coach        George Mousis                                         Colleen Suflay
  Asst Varsity Coach         Jon Roman                                                Tami Wellman
  JV Coach                        John Misiunas                                            Athena Borzeka
  Freshman Coach            Dr. Andrew Buchanan                                Kerry Eberhart

Randolph High School Booster Clubs

2006 Randolph High School Soccer Booster Club

Executive Boards


Boys Soccer






Bob Dobbins

(973) 366-7442


Vice President

Anne Brigando

(973) 895-9617



Vice President

Bobbie Stenvall 

(973) 361-7138




Karen Molloy

(973) 895-5027




Donna Bold

(973) 895-7765



Web Master/PC Consultant

Sue Torney

(973) 328-6692



Freshman Coordinator

Chitrali Chaundhuri

(973) 366-6378




JoAnne Diamantidis

(973) 989-0230




Nancy Maynard

(973) 895-1299













Girls Soccer






Vince Egan

(973) 584-6038

email -


Vice President

Francine Lusardi

(973) 361-2071



Vice President

Nancy Neary

(973) 366-1142




Doreen Costello

(973) 328-5836




Karen Parker

(973) 366-7861



Freshman Coordinator






Club Objectives:

To promote enthusiastic support for the RHS Soccer teams, game attendance and publicity.

To raise funds for team needs and annual scholarships.

To hold an annual end-of season banquet for the players, their coaches, families and well-wishers.

To actively support RHS soccer projects of mutual interest to both girls and boys soccer teams.