NJYS-Online Coach Registration for Carding (UPDATED)

See below for the information contained in the email that went out to parent coaches/assistant coaches and professional trainers slated to card to a Randolph Soccer Club team roster for 2017-18.

We are also being told that for MCYSA anyone listed as a Primary Contact for a team, which may be a manager in some cases (someone not carding to the roster), must be registered via the NJ Youth Soccer system with the new platform.  At this time, the guidance from the league is that managers (those not carding to a team roster) will not undergo a background check (although you will be required to enter the pertinent info because the way you register is via the Coach process).  For anyone strictly serving as a manager (not rostering), in the "Experience" section, select Manager for "Coaching Position Requested."

Moving forward, NJ Youth Soccer is implementing a Travel Coach Pass (there will no longer be a distinction between Non-Volunteer and Volunteer Passes).  All adults rostered to an RSC team must register through RSC's Bonzi portal.  For anyone also NJYS rostered to a team at a different club, the guidance from NJ Youth Soccer is that you will need to complete this Coach Registration step through the portal for each of the clubs where you will be on an NJYS team roster.

All travel coaches/trainers will be required to authorize a background check during the registration process.  If rostered in multiple clubs, only one $15 fee will be assessed.  Background checks will be required each seasonal year.  You will pay nothing now.

If the background check is approved, RSC will be permitted to print your coaching pass for your RSC teams.

If the background check is flagged, your registration will be reviewed by NJYS; and you may be contacted by them to provide additional information.

Use the link that follows to access Bonzi, NJYSA's new carding platform portal for RSC.

CLICK HERE to access Bonzi.  Currently, the access is through a portal linked to MCYSA's website; so you will see the MCYSA banner at the top of the initial page.

1.  Click on the Green Checkmark for Coaches - Register Now.  You will need to create a new Bonzi account as the first step.  If you have an existing account from registering a player, please try that first. 

2.  Once you're able to log in, you will follow the prompts, providing information as requested.  Note that you will be registering to RSC’s Coach Pool; and the club will assign coaches and managers to teams as part of the process.

6.  Anyone actually carding will need to upload a photo for use on your Coach Pass once you have confirmed your registration info.  You can log back in; and complete this photo upload step at a different time if need be (see below for a pertinent update).

***NOTE:  To upload a picture or POB document after a registration has been created, you will need to go back into Bonzi using a Member Login link (it is different than the green checkmark used to create a new registration).

Click HERE to get to the Member Login screen for any updates or uploads after the initial registration creation:  once you log in using the credentials you already have from creating the registration, you will see any existing registrations.  Next to your name or after you click on your name, you will see an option to upload the missing picture (there may be an upload icon, an upward pointing arrow).  This Member Login is what you will use for any type of update to registration information (address change, phone number change, email changes, etc.) moving forward.

Please get your online registration done as soon as possible.

Contact RSC leadership if you run into an issue with your Coach Registration in Bonzi.