Registration Information


Registration Information for 2016 Tournament


All registration will take place at Heistein’s Park regardless of your first scheduled game location.  Registration for all Randolph teams and local New Jersey teams will be held on Friday, May 27th from  4:30 to 8:00  at Heistein’s Park.  All other teams may register one hour prior to their first game on Saturday.


The following items will be needed at registration:

* Copy of your state approved roster, with jersey numbers includedto be left with the registrar.

* State approved player passes for all players and coaches.

* Medical Release forms for all players (no Registrar copies needed).

* Permission to travel forms (Out of state teams only)

* U-8 and U-10 teams will be given their participation awards at registration

* Guest players must have player passes and medical release forms at registration that match the carding used by the team on which they are playing!

* PLEASE NOTE: U.S. CLUB CARDED TEAMS ARE PERMITTED!!  All players for a team must be playing on the same type of cards.


There will be no exceptions to the information required above!! Please make sure you have all of the required items.


We encourage all teams to exchange badges/patches after each match.

 Three guest and/or secondary carded players are allowed. (Total of 3 combined, not 3 each) 

*  Max Roster size for U08 throuh U10  = 14.

*  Max Roster size for U11 through U14  = 18.

*  Guest players must be listed on tournament roster copy and guest player passes and medical release forms must be presented at registration! 


* A player may play for 1 team only during the tournament.