Letter From the President
Fall 2014 UPDATE

Welcome, Randolph Soccer Club families, to the 2014-15 season!

We are at the start of another great soccer season for RSC teams.  Again, we are fielding 23 teams in all for boys and girls, U8-U14 for this season.  Thank you to all those dedicated volunteers who have stepped up to help with club leadership and team leadership for this season.  Please take a look at the RSC Board Member listing (http://www.randolphsoccer.org/about/rscmembers/index_E.html ) for up-to-date information on club leadership.

For anyone interested in getting involved with the club, we are in need of volunteers to help with planning aspects of our Memorial Day Tournament and to coordinate our sponsorship program, and other fundraising activities.  In particular for the tournament, we’re actively looking for someone to coordinate the snack stand activities.  Over the course of the season, you’ll be hearing more about the importance of parent volunteerism in helping club leadership keep the club fee we all pay as stable as possible from year to year.  Please reach out to me (or any Board Member) for additional information.

As we’ve done for the past several years, toward the end of the fall season, RSC will conduct an anonymous on-line survey that goes out to all of our families.  Please take the time to respond when you receive the email as the feedback provided is a valuable source of information and of insight to those of us dedicated to managing the Randolph Soccer Club.

At any time, please feel free to contact any RSC Board Members with feedback or to express interest in volunteering.

Best wishes to all for a fun, developmentally productive season on the pitch!

On behalf of the entire RSC Board,

Tammy McConnell


Randolph Soccer Club

 PS:  Just a reminder that the Randolph Recreation Hotline number (used to check field status) has changed to 1-866-802-0837.  

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